Has your project sailed off course?

I'm Timotej Fartek

Navigating software projects isn’t always smooth sailing. It goes beyond just coding; it’s about bridging the gaps between teams, ensuring everyone’s on the same page, speaks the same language, and making sure the project is on course.

Think of me as your digital lighthouse. With experience in distributed systems, leadership, and a knack for cross-team communication, I can help you chart the way and ensure your project safely sails to its destination.

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#About me

Throughout my software journey, I’ve worn multiple hats, delving deep into various roles and responsibilities. From designing distributed systems, leading and mentoring teams, to full-stack development with JavaScript, TypeScript, and Elixir.

At BlockFi, as a tech lead in the Credit Card team, I helped develop the world’s first cryptocurrency cash back credit card. I also lead the technical side of things for the credit card’s pre-launch waiting list.

At V7, my leadership took on a dual form. I spearheaded an active bug-swatting team, creating an environment where the rest of the organization could prioritize feature development. After that, I led the “Models” team, dedicated to enabling clients to maximize the efficacy of their AI models.

Being a part of several tech teams, I’ve recognized a recurring theme: the significance of communication. Whether it’s bridging the gaps between different teams or ensuring that everyone speaks the same language, clear communication has been crucial in motivation and keeping things on track.

I’m a firm believer in culture and camaraderie. I value building products that make a difference and fostering an environment where everyone’s voice matters. After all, for me, it’s not just about code; it’s about building lasting relationships and enjoying the journey.

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# Services


I believe in paving a clear path for the team, ensuring we stay aligned, focused, and confident in our direction, every step of the way.


I’ve been there, done that, and I thrive helping others navigate their developer journey with fewer bumps along the way.

Contributing to the codebase

I love designing, architecting and implementing products, either as fast-paced MVPs or stable and scalable enterprise applications.

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“Timotej is [...] an incredibly skillful Engineer that knows, follows, and preaches about all the latest good software engineering practices, [... and] is an incredibly fun person to be around! He's leading in a very natural way, and people simply want to be around him and to work with him...”

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Piotr Wieczerzak
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“Tim [...] was a key piece of our project to implement issuing as Principal Members of Mastercard. [...]. He helped a lot to transform a legacy environment into a modern piece of software. He also has great soft skills and contributed a lot to the good mood and excellent dynamics of the team.!”

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Agustin Bosso
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